FAQ - Permission and Fee

1. Factory Acts B.E.1992 regulate to species the factory into 3 classes

(1) Type 1 factory are such factory of the type, kind, and size as capable of engaging in a factory business immediately upon desire of a person engaging in a factory business and must be operation under the ministerial rules and announcements of the minister.
(2) Type 2 factory are such factory of the type, kind, and size as, when engaging in a factory business, must be notified in advance to the Grantor.
(3) Type 3 factory are such factory of the type, kind, and size as to be granted a permit prior to the engagement.
2. Inspection of the factory status: Information for checking the status of factory, include information type of business, number of horsepower of machines and workers .You can check factory type by yourself from ministry regulation NO.1 ( B.E. 2535) or more information from government sector.
2.1 Industrial Cluster Bureau. (floor 2,3 and 4 Department of industrial work recommendation building )
2.2 Office of the secretary. (floor 1 Department of industrial work recommendation building)2.3 Provincial Industry Office. (all provinces)
3. Payment the annual fees: The persons engaging in a business of group 2 factory and group 3 factory must pay the annual fees in accordance with the criteria, procedures, and rates as provided for in the ministerial rules throughout the period of engagement in the business. Failure to pay the fees within the specified period shall result in the payment of additional money at five percent per month.The factory in Bangkok area pay the annual fees at Department of industrial work recommendation and the factory in other area pay the annual fees at Provincial Industry Office.
4. The procedure and time to allow factory permit.
4.1 Verify area and doing inner report within 30 days.
4.2 Consideration must be finish in 50 days.
4.3 Declaration of the result sent to applicant within 10 days.
5. Type one factory, Type two factory and Type three factory are prohibited to be located in the following areas.
5.1 Allotted houses for residential purposes, residential condominiums, and row houses for residential purposes.
5.2 Within the distance of fifty meters from the areas adjacent to public places such as school or educational institution, temple or religious site, hospital, historic site, and working places of the government bodies and this shall include the conservation sources of natural resources and environment prescribed by the Cabinet.
Rates of FeesFACTORY ACT B.E. 2535
Horsepower The license fees the annual fees
0 up to 5 500 150
5 up to 20 1,000 300
20 up to 50 1,500 450
50 up to 100 3,000 900
100 up to 200 5,000 1,500
200 up to 300 7,000 2,100
300 up to 400 9,000 2,700
400 up to 500 12.000 3,600
500 up to 600 15,000 4,500
600 up to 700 18,000 5,400
700 up to 800 22,000 6,600
800 up to 900 26,000 7.800
900 up to 1000 30,000 9,000
1000 up to 2000 35,000 15,000
2000 up to 3000 40,000 12,000
3000 up to 4000 45,000 13,500
4000 up to 5000 50,000 15,000
5000 up to 6000 55,000 16,500
6000 up 60,000 18,000


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