FAQ - Documents and evidences for applying for Work permit

The application form for Work Permit issuance according to Section 12 of the Working of Alien Act, B.E.2551, can be accessed via:

The following documents must be attached when apply for Work permit
  1. The letter approving the applicant to work according to other laws such as,
  • Letter from the Office of the Board of Investment (BOI)
  • Letter from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)(Must prepare only one letter according to the related law)
  • A copy of the Company Affidavit (Certificate of incorporation) issued by Department of Business Development not longer than 6 months)
  • Three (3) recent photos, 3 x 4 cm, taken not more than 6 months with proper attire.
  • A copy of identification document specified in 1.3 in the said application form. (Passport / ID card / Residential Document)

  • In order to receive services at One Stop for Visa and Work Permit Service Center at Chamchuri Square Building, Bangkok, an applicant who is a manager, expert or professional obtaining special rights under the specific laws :- Proleum Act / Board of Investment Act / Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act, and his/her spouse or children as dependants, or the applicant must work in a juristic person having a paid-up registered capital or working capital of no less than 30 million Thai Baht.

    For General enterprise, an applicant is advised to contact Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour:

    • An enterprise located in Bangkok, contact the Office of Foreign Workers Administration2nd Floor, Department of Employment, Ministry Of Labour, Mitr-maitri Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok.

    • An enterprise located in other province, contact the Provincial Employment Office in the province that the enterprise located.

    Ref. link:


    • Office of Foreign Workers Administration,Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour,

    • Head Quarter: Mit-maitree Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400

    • Tel. 02-245-2745

    • https://www.doe.go.th/prd/

    Information as of July 2015


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