FAQ - Setting up business in E-Commerce

To register business, please access to the website of Department of Business Development via


Business registration, access to


More details about Business Registration as follows :-

For Company Limited Registration, please access via


Q: How to apply for Foreign Business License

Answer To apply for Foreign Business License, please access via


The investment procedure are as follows:-

1) A foreign company can be allowed to invest in a Thai local company with maximum foreign shareholding ratio of not larger than 49%, on this, the local Thai company will have to go to the Business Registration Bureau of Department of Business Development to correct its shareholder ratio.In case that the foreign shareholding ratio will be larger than 49% of the total share, before operating the business, the company will be required to obtain a Foreign Business License from the Foreign Business Administration Bureau of Department of Business Development. BOI

2) In case that a foreign company will invest in a new project to operate an E-commerce business, then the company can apply for BOI's investment promotion, 100% foreign shareholding can be allowed for the company which will apply for investment promotion under the activity 5.9 E-commerce business. The conditions of the BOI's promoted activity 5.9 E-commerce business can be accessed via http://www.boi.go.th/upload/attachfile/investment/english/section5.pdf or "A Guide to the Board of Investment" via:https://www.boi.go.th/upload/content/BOI-A%20Guide_EN.pdf

Together with the exemption from import duty on machinery, other non-tax incentives such as the right to own land, the right to remit foreign currency abroad, the right to bring in foreigners to work will be provided, thus a company with majority foreign shareholding (foreign shareholding ratio of more than 49%) promoted by the BOI for this 5.9 E-commerce activity will be allowed to operate business. Otherwise the company will be required to obtain Foreign Business License to operate business under the supervision of Foreign Administration Bureau and Foreign Business Act. The example of the e-commerce business that the BOI has promoted is http://www.tarad.com/ For the E-commerce business, transaction has to be done via website. The income will be derived from brokerage fee/commission fee occurred per each transaction. In case that the company also develops it own digital content via web-based application and cloud computing, it can apply for BOI's investment under activity 5.8 Software 5.9 Digital Content

(3) Web-based application and cloud computing. The conditions of the BOI's promoted activity 5.7 Software 5.9 Digital Content (3) Web-based application and cloud computing can be accessed via the page 50-52 of "A Guide to the Board of Investment"https://www.boi.go.th/upload/content/BOI-A%20Guide_EN.pdf All information about BOI's investment promotion's measures can be found in "A Guide to the Board of Investment" and can be accessed via:https://www.boi.go.th/upload/content/BOI-A%20Guide_EN.pdf


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