FAQ - Document required for Work Permit

Required documents

(Please ensure all required documents are submitted and filed in the following order

  1. Form WP.1

  2. 3 Photographs size 3*4 cm (taken within the last 6 months)

  3. Certificate from the authorities or bank (for certificate)

  4. Employment certification (using prescribed form)

  5. List of aliens having received Work Permits

  6. Organization chart detailing names, positions and number of Thai and alien worker

  7. Original and copy of the passport or Alien Registration Certificate and Alient Resident Certificate

  8. Copy of certificate of Incorporation and copy of the list of shareholders (Form BorOrJor.5) (issued within the last 6 months)

  9. Copy of VAT Registration Application Form (PorPor.01), Special Business License, Foreign Business License or PorPor.09 (for change of business type)

  10. For legal entities having paid-up capital below THB 30 million, a financial statement showing a total asset value of at least THB 30 million

  11. Copy of transcript and/or employment reference letter issued by the previous employer

  12. Relevant documents, e.g. Forms PhorNgorDor.50, export documents, social security fund contribution documents, ATTA certification documents, etc.

  13. Map of the place of business

  14. Medical certificate confirming that the applicant has no prohibited diseases as prescribed by Ministerial Regulations (issued within the last 6 months)

* Foreign freelance journalists are required to submit only the following documents: (1), (2), (3), (4), (7), and (14)


  1. Alien working as a foreign journalist must submit the certification issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a copy of their press card issued by the Government Public Relations Department.

  2. Officers from the bank, international banking facilities and representative offices of foreign banks must submit the applicable licenses and certification issued by the Bank of Thailand.

  3. If the authorized director is an alien working in Thailand, a copy of his/her work permit must be also submitted. If he/she is an alien who not working in Thailand, a Power of Attorney authenticated by a notary public or by a relevant foreign authority, appointing an individual as the authorized signatory, must be produced.

  4. If the place of business operations has a branch, factory or hotel, the applicant must submit evidence showing the location of such place, i.e. Factory License or Hotel License.

  5. Each of the authorized director's signatures on the application form and supporting documents must be accompanied by the Company Seal (if any).

  6. In order to submit the application at the One Stop Service Center for Visas and Work Permits, the work permit applicant's place of business must have a location in Bangkok and the designated branch offices specified in the Certificate of Incorporation, or the applicant must work for a representative office, regional office or regional operating head quarter outside Bangkok.

  7. The applicant must represent before the officer and sign their name on the Work Permit on the application submission date.

  8. A Power of Attorney issued by the employer and the alien must be affixed with THB 10 duty stamp and accompanied by a copy of the employer's national ID card or Work Permit and the authorized person's national ID card.



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