FAQ - Setting up business “Restaurant on Wheels”

Refer to the answer from the officer ofthe Department of Tourism.
According to the Act of Tourism Business and Guide Registration 2008
"Tourism Business" means business about bringing visitors to travel.
Or go for any other purpose. By providing services or facilities, either.
Or more, including food, accommodation guide, or any other service as required.
To operate the business of "Restaurant on wheels", foreign investor may require to obtain the license from Department of Tourism and the company is required to be Thai company (Thai hold the majority of shares, greater 51%).
For more information, please see

Act of Tourism Business and Guide Registration 2008
พระราชบัญญัติธุรกิจนำเที่ยว และมัคคุเทศก์ พ.ศ.2551

B.E. 2551 (2008)
Contact person of the Department of Tourism
1. Mrs. Ajchareeya Kanchai
Email: ajchareeya_2008@hotmail.com
Tel. +66 2 214 2058
2. Ms. Chatrapee Praditsarn
Email: chatrapeepraditsarn@hotmail.com
Tel. +66 81 849 3045
Department of Tourism
National Stadium, Rama 1 Road, Wangmai, Phatumwan, Bangkok, 10330
Tel.0-2219-4010-17, Fax 0-2216-6906,Email:webmaster@tourism.go.th

Import permission
In case of importing used bus to Thailand, investor is required to ask the permission from Department of Foreign Trade.
For more information, please contact by call +66 2 547 4771-86 (Regulation of importing used car) (Thai version only).
ระเบียบกระทรวงพาณิชย์ว่าด้วยการอนุญาตให้นำรถยนต์ที่ใช้แล้วเข้ามาในราชอาณาจักร พ.ศ. ๒๕๔๙ Please see via:http://www.dft.go.th/th-th/Detail-Law/ArticleId/2194/2194
or search from : http://www.dft.go.th/th-th/Intro บริการข้อมูล/กฎหมาย
For measures related to imports and exports, and list of import good required for permission please see via
For more information,the passenger car chassis is prohibited good to import under the regulation of Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, please see via
ประกาศกระทรวงพาณิชย์เรื่อง กำหนดให้ตัวถังของรถยนต์นั่งที่ใช้แล้ว และโครงรถจักรยานยนต์ที่ใช้แล้วเป็นสินค้าที่ต้องห้ามในการนำเข้ามาในราชอาณาจักร (ฉบับที่ 2) พ.ศ.2555

In case of importing new bus, investor may require to get the license from Department of Land Transport or Thai Industrial Standards Institute (depends on fuel use in that bus). For more information, please contact officer directly.

- Department of Land Transport (Automotive Engineering Bureau)

Contact Person: Mr. Parinya / Mr. Apipu

Tel. +66 2 271 8605-6

- Thai Industrial Standards Institute

Contact Person: Mr. Tachapong

Tel. +66 2 202 3391

To operate this business and investor also bring his/her own bus, all buses are required to register in Thailand according to Land Transport Act, B.E.2522 (See more detail via :- (Thai version only)

พระราชบัญญัติ การขนส่งทางบก พ.ศ.2522


The process of Department of Land Transport, please see via:-

ขั้นตอนและเอกสารในการจดทะเบียนรถที่นำเข้ามาใช้เอง ดูจากเว็บลิงค์นี้


The license of land transport

Please see Land Transport Act in Chapter 3, section 24 (3), which specified that Only Thai Nationality of Natural person or Juristic person is eligible to obtain the license of land transport. In case of Juristic Person (Company), Thai is required to hold the majority of shares at least 51%.

Source:Department of Land Transport


The company is required to obtain Foreign Business License.
According to the Foreign Business Administration Bureau
In case, the company would like to register under Thai Law to operate this business with the majority of foreign shareholding ratio (Foreign ownership is greater than 49%). This business may classify as a guided touring and Sale of food and beverages according to Foreign Business Act, B.E.1999 (2542),list 3(18) and (19).Thus, the company is required to obtain Foreign Business License.
Please see regulations and required documents as follows.
- Foreign Business Act, B.E.1999 (2542) (English Version) via

- Current application form for Foreign Business License, please download via http://www.dbd.go.th/download/downloads/12_fr/form_t2.pdf

แบบคำขอรับใบอนุญาตประกอบธุรกิจ ตาม มาตรา 17 แห่งพระราชบัญญัติการประกอบธุรกิจของคนต่างด้าว พ.ศ. 2542
and the additional form via

These forms are available in Thai Version only and the applicant also has to fill the form in Thai only.
- Instruction or Handbook of Foreign Business License Application (คู่มือการขอรับใบอนุญาต / หนังสือรับรอง), please read through
(Investor can use as a guideline to fill the new application form.
- For more information regarding to this issue, please contact directly to Foreign Business Administration Bureau by call at +66 2 547 4425-6
or via email: foreign@dbd.go.th

Department of Provincial Administration
Please see the attachment of "Entertainment Club Act, B.E.2509" in Section 3. If business has a scope of work which specified in the Act, it is required to get the license from Department of Provincial Administration.

การขออนุญาตประกอบกิจการโรงแรม/สถานบริการ ดูจากเว็บลิงค์นี้
Please see application for license of Hotel/Entertainment Club via
Ministry of Public Health
According to Public Health Act B.E.2535 (1992) (Thai version only), you may require to get In-Store-Cooking license in case that you plan to rent a space and do cooking to serve on the double decker. This license is requested from Public Health Office of where the store/kitchen will be located.
Please see Food Control in Thailand via
Source:Ministry of Public Health
Information and web link as of March, 2015


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