FAQ - FAQ (During Covid-19 Situation)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Board of Investment (BOI) has policies to facilitate foreign experts who are working (or will be working) for BOI-promoted company. Initially, during the restriction period, The Foreign Expert Services Division required the company (that would like to bring-in experts or technicians) to submit declaration letter stating their needs for these foreigners. This process was time-consuming and complicated, so the board decided to move all the procedures to online platform called ‘Single Window for Visa and Work Permit’ system – which has been used as channel to bring-in foreigners in normal situation as well (referring to section 25 and 26 of Investment Promotion Act)

The steps of bringing in foreigners (through single window system) are as follows:
  1. Request for position in Single Window system
  2. Request for NON-B (or NON-IB) Visa stamp document - this document can be presented to the Embassy or Consulate General for actual ‘NON-B’ or ‘NON-IB’ Visa stamp.
  3. After arriving in Thailand (and staying in quarantine for 14 days), The company can appoint the foreigner to the requested position, and tell him/her to contact related agencies (BOI, Immigration Office, and Department of employment) for issuance of long-term Visa and Work Permit.
Apart from the working-visa stamp, the foreigner must also apply for Certificate of Entry (COE) at the Embassy or Consulate General to guarantee the appropriateness of him/her to travel to Thailand. Currently, the document requirement of COE is internationally standardized, with details as follows.
  1. Health insurance (COVID-19 included) with coverage of not less than USD 100,000
  2. Evidence of ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine) or LSQ (Local State Quarantine) reservation
  3. Flight booking or flight plan
  4. Fit-to-Fly health certificate
  5. Working Visa stamp (NON-B or NON-IB)
In addition, foreigner must take a RT-PCR test for COVID-19 (not more than 72 hours before the departure). The test must be done once again when he/she has arrived in Thailand.
The process of applying for COE can be done through the online platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/

Information updated on 27/11/2563
In case that Foreign Investor wish to travel to the kingdom during the situation of Covid-19 due to the reason of business and Investment, the Foreign Investor can receive permission via 4 governmental departments including;
  1. Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) (Under Section 24 and Section 25)
  2. Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry
  3. Ministry of Commerce
  4. Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour
Information updated on 27/11/2020
Yes, it’s possible for the rights and benefits section 24. Subject to the law on immigration, only in so far as it is not otherwise provided herein, the Board shall have the power to grant permission to foreign nationals for entry into the Kingdom for the purpose of studying investment opportunities or performing any other act benefiting investment for such period of time to stay in the Kingdom as the Board may deem appropriate. An application for permission shall be in accordance with the rules, procedure and forms prescribed by the Board. In granting permission, the Board may stipulate such conditions as deemed appropriate.

Please prepare these documents when submit the application for Applying for Visa & Work Permit under Section 24 (Temporary 6 months’ Work Permit / In case of BOI application is under consideration for investment promotion)
  • A company letter of intent with details. (regarding the current situation of your project and reason why it is necessary for you to come to work in Thailand under your project during this time)
  • Company’s organization chart
  • A copy of the company registration certificate and a list of shareholders (if any)
  • Copy of academic and work experience documents
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Copy of the investment promotion application or a copy of the BOI’s letter of investment promotion notification.
  • Form No. 02 and Form No. 03 (F FR TR 01) with complete information (Attachment)
All documents must be affixed with company seal and signed by authorized person.

Information updated on 27/11/2020

Yes, it is changeable for some visa types to Non- B or Non- IB within the country through TM. 86 (Only for aliens with Tourist Visa and Transit Visa) or TM.87 (only for foreigners without a visa) To identify your eligibility, please see the immigration stamp in your passport:
  1. Phor*.15
  2. Phor.30
  3. PhorPhor.30
  4. PhorPhor.90
*Phor is for the arrival visa (For Thai alphabet, please notice ‘ผ’)

Information updated on 27/11/2020


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