Yes, a company can change the type of promoted activity by completing the Project Amendment Form (F PA PC 01-03) and submitting this to the Investment Promotion Bureau 4.

A company can outsource the processing of goods to another company, by hiring only one company to process only the parts that are not finished goods. Goods can be processed in more than one stage.

The 3:1 debt/equity ratio condition is in force in all cases, as it is an initial criterion in approving projects.

Yes, by changing from being promoted under ROH to IHQ, the ROH condition of 3 countries will also be changed to 1 country.

Yes, the company must increase its capital to 10 million baht because the conditions stipulated for IHQ require a company to have paid-up capital of at least 10 million baht.

Yes, projects that provide treasury center services must obtain permission from the Bank of Thailand.

An International Headquarters (IHQ) provides the following activities (which are not included as ITC activities):

  • General management
  • Procurement of raw materials and parts
  • Research and development of products
  • Technical support
  • Marketing and sales promotion
  • Human resource management and training
  • Business advisory services e.g. finance, marketing, accounting system, etc.
  • Economic and investment analysis and research
  • Treasury centers

If the commencement period for operations is imminent; the company must first apply to commence operations, and then submit the project amendment form at a later date. If there is a sufficient period time to commence operations, the company is free to submit the project amendment form at any time.

The BOI offers non-tax incentives. If a company wishes to exercise income tax exemption rights and privileges, the company must file the application directly with the Revenue Department.

The company is not allowed to change from IPO to IHQ.

The company must apply for an investment application under a new promotion certificate.


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