FAQ - Foreign business license

An investor has to apply for permission to conducting foreign business. The company can get the license to operate this business by 3 different ways;1.Apply for permission to operate foreign business under LIST 3 article (14) or (15) of the Foreign Business Act B.E. 2542 (1999).OR

2.If a company has minimum capital (paid-up capital) of 100 million baht for each of business, a company can operate a business without a license. However, company has to inform the Foreign Business Department before starting its business.OR

3.Thai company has to submit a principle approval letter to the committee of foreign business department. After that, the committee will consider whether your company will be allowed to be a foreign business. Once the company gets an approval, the company can transfer shares to a foreign shareholder. After the company becomes the foreign business, the company has to get a permission to operate the business as the company has explained in the principle approval letter. However, the officer of Foreign Business Dept. suggests an investor to visit the foreign Business Dept. head office (Sanam Bin Nam) to discuss on this issue.

For more information, please access:http://www.dbd.go.th/index.php


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