FAQ - JTEPA privilege

According to the OIE officer, OIE certificate is a year by year certificate.In order to do a renewal of your OIE certificate, you have to apply for the extension and submit necessary documents to the OIE during October to December of that year.This means that you can start the operation to renew your certificate from now on.

OIE certificate and Country of Origin are different documents granted from different departments.The OIE officer said that you can renew your OIE certificate with all the materials but how many materials can be import with JTEPA privilege is depending on the Country of Origin as well.So it depends on your company that your company can show the Country of Origin to the Customs or not for the importing of your materials.

The OIE certificate is given to the company without the restriction on how many times the privilege have been used.

If you haven’t used any JTEPA privilege before, you can still renew your certificate.

But the OIE officer said that there are quite many documents which are needed to be prepare to get the certificate so she suggested that if you would like to use the privilege on January 2017, you should do the renewal within these 3 months. In case that you are not planning to use the privilege early in 2017, the OIE officer suggested that you can wait and apply for the certificate later.

The officer also suggest you to have a Thai personnel walk-in to consult at OIE directly if you would like detail information.

You can also call the OIE officers in-charge of JTEPA directly at 02-202-4367 (Thai language is perferable)

If you have any further question or need any clarification, please feel free to ask us or contact the OIE Office directly.


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