FAQ - To rent office space, To change address of headquarter

The address and location of the office (esp. map) is a necessary information and document, as present in the required document, which should be submit with the application form for applying license, therefore, the first preparation would be some plan for office location which temporary rent is suggested.

(Please see the given brochure about applying for the representative office in Thailand, there are the list of require document)

In case of changing the address of headquarter within Bangkok:

Document required are

1.Bor. Oor. Jor. 1 (คำขอจดทะเบียนบริษัทจำกัดบอจ. 1)

2.Certificate of company registration (คำรับรองการจดทะเบียนบริษัทจำกัด)

3.Bor. Oor. Jor. 4(รายการจดทะเบียนแกไขเพิ่มเติม และ/หรือ มติพิเศษ บอจ.4)

4.Map of new headquarter

5.In case the authorized director come to submit the application by himself:

a. The signature in the request and the attachments, the person shall sign by him/herself.

b. Passport and a copy of it.

6.In case that the authorized director cannot sign the name in front of the registrar, the authorized director shall sign the name in front of the following person :

a.In case of signing in the country

(1) Administration Officer or Senior Police in the area of the person who requests.

(2) Member of Thai BAR or

(3) Other persons as notified by the central registrar are

- Certified Public Account

- Committee member or officer of the Thai

Chamber of Commerce or Provincial Chamber of Commerce who can certify the signature of persons who request for the registration of partnership/company with the head office located in the province that the Chamber is located according to the notification of the Central Partnership Registration Office.

b. In case of signing in foreign countries

(1)Authorized officer of the Thai embassy or consulate, or head of the office under the Minister of Commerce responsible for the operations in any country or other officers authorized to perform on behalf of such above mentioned person

(2)Person who can completely certify according to the law of that country 

(3)2 Reliable persons who can certify in front of the registrar that the signature is such person's signature.

For more information, please access this link (in Thai)


Please see the attach file for example.

The application can be submitted atOSOSor other branch as in Bangkok, please access:http://osos.boi.go.th/index.php?page=contact.for the address.


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